A few Controversial theories on Orthopedic Surgery for discussion and debate. This is not medical advice and should not be taken or used as medical guidance.
(ed. interpreted and paraphrased without much accuracy and more bluntly than dad finds comfortable by Francis X. Gentile
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The Old Ways Might Be Faster, Better and Cheaper,
Take a Look.

Great Procedures are being thrown out without proof that the new procedures are better.
Quality Techniques may be lost. This is an attempt to record some techniques and reinvigorate some older or uncommon procedures.

Even the staunchest advocate of the latest sophisticated procedures, must be prepared to perform the best of simpler procedures on persons with complications or extreme age, or perform simpler procedures under conditions of disaster, epidemic, antibiotic resistance, war and poverty. And when medical fashion permits, these old ideas can be "invented" anew and gain acceptance as if they had never existed before. If "old" procedures are performed wrong, it is a self fulfilling prophecy to say they are no good. Let's see if we can write down how to perform them right.
A Few Orthopedic Issues


Colles Wrist Fracture, an uncommon? small cast splint that avoids surgery
The Art and Benefits of the Plaster Cast just because fibreglass is easier does not make it better. Self Interest has the cart leading the horse.

Hip Replacement glue vs. wedged in , Fit the hip to the patient not the patient to the hip. The hip revision
specialty should not exist. Possible Generic Charnely Hip manufacture.

Factors in doing the cemented hip implant well

Where do you buy one piece cemented prothesis? Stem and Cup in the US? or anywhere? is it time to
start manufacturing the original Charneley Cobra Style again?

Back Surgery How do you do an MRI now that you have put metal in the spine? infections? How about the interbody fusion done well?

Bunion Surgery

Plastic Surgeon quality scars for every surgery, Why Not?

Is Amoeba infection a factor in MRSA infections?

Laminar Air Flow Surgery Rooms, Why Not?

Some historical information about Orthopedics and Dr. Luigi Gentile