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Colles Wrist Fracture, a small cast splint that avoids surgery and disfigurement

the most common of fractures, also known as the Distal Radius Fracture.

The trick to splinting that is different from the standard texts is.....

The thumb pressed down by the splint helps to provide traction. The plaster splint is formed on top of the triangular flat surface created by thumb and finger and the forarm. Ace bandages are wrapped to hold the the split down. The use of a splint allows the patient to loosen the pressure in an emergency while the splint still holds down the hand and thumb to provides traction on the ligaments to keep the Colles fracture in position. The other lower bone "ulna" must not be broken in a way that it cannot be used as a fulcrum in compression.

The thumb and forfinger can recover without stiffness from 3 weeks of downard pressure to stetch the ligaments that hold the wristin traction to heal the fracture neatly. After 3 to 4 weeks a new cast splint is made to relieve the pressure on the thumb and forefinger.

The forarm can be pulled around the waist or leg of the doctor and held untill the plaster cures. The detailed molding of plaster to the anatomy is superior to newer materiels.

This described splinting procedure is not the same as the Cotton-Loder position or the sugar-sugar splint. The one sided splint is applied from above. The elbow is not used

For surgical reduction of the fracture, the K wires can be integrated into this casting procedure to stablize the pieces
draw diagram here.

Notes from first video
warm water

The plaster is too narrow, this would be a childs size, but this is all we have in our disaster preparedness kit.

relax , I am lengthening the bone even a little bit above the normal because because it always collapses a bit.

hot water helps set i

Keep the elbow bent when setting and use a sling afterwards.

I am appling the bending traction that is left in the cast. So the thumb is there and if you put inbet

Some people I put almost without padding, and thats not uncomfortable.

And thats not uncomfortable, but if they put a cast with a lot of padding , first you can not get down far enough, and all the space inside the cast, it can straighten up and you cannot even see it. This you can see.


This in the emergency room at night I did on old ladies , ta da go home , see you next week. make sure it is aligned, any problems call.

The others want to keep the thumb out and then you loose control of the joint.

This was my invention, but probably others do it.

they do the plaster cirucular, but with the splint you don't have the inelasticiy of the plaster in case it is too tight at home.

Some people say it will get stiff because the tendon will get tight , but after 3 or 4 week the wrist can straighten up and after 2 weeks the wrist is normal again.

Here are references of existing conventional treatements:

a website of incredible quality